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Output Management

Convert from posting expensive pre-printed forms and e-Billing enable your business systems without having to make expensive changes to your current applications. Depending on your volumes ROI could be less than a year as every document you print and post costs 50p to 90p.

  • Deliver your invoices and other business documents by web portal, email, fax, web or by post with low cost laser printing on plain paper.
  • Personalise each document with marketing messages, special offers, add logos, product images etc.
  • Barcode enable your systems by printing barcodes on picking lists etc.
  • File and find copies of your business documents instantly - no need for paper archive.
With ever increasing postage prices now is the time consider switching to Electronic Document Delivery


Application Development - Programming

With 20 years experience in a wide range of languages, I enjoy creating solutions that exceed expectations and learning new languages/techniques.

Using the following languages I am able create code ranging from small scripts to automate processes to complete applications.

  • Visual Basic (VB)

  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

  • Visual Basic Scripting (VBScript)

  • Perl

  • PHP

  • Unix Shell Script

  • System Z (Cobal based 4GL)

IT Support Services

Data Migration

Moving data between systems transforming where necessary, automate data transfers to avoid re-keying data. Whether it is the regular movement of data between your applications or moving data from old to new systems I can help.

Database Development

Design of new applications or rebuilding exist databases to improve performance.